Greetings in the name of our Beloved Lord Jesus! 

What a year we are wrapping up! With unexpected hardships along with unexpected blessings, God has used 2020 to teach us that He is the One who advances His mission forward, and nothing can stop Him. 

Nearly every corner of the world has been impacted by the coronavirus, but God’s Kingdom has been advancing!

In Cambodia, during lockdown, our leaders have taken the coronavirus as an opportunity to safely distribute soap and masks from house-to-house, each time sharing the Good News of Jesus! 

Our partners near the Cambodia-Vietnam border, launched a church planting school this year, using our training tracks as their curriculum! They use our Church Planting Essentials training to get everyone started, then they lead everyone through our House Church Planting training and discipleship to prepare them to lead house churches in their communities! 

Though gatherings in Cambodia are restricted to 10 people this season, these leaders have trained 141 church planters, who have already begun planting house churches in their communities. There are 29 new house churches that started within the past couple months with seven of them in villages that had no churches… until now!! 

How exciting! Every house church that is planted is a community of believers where God’s word is advancing among the people. God’s Word never returns void! It always yields a harvest for the Kingdom!

One Cambodian leaders’ vision is “To plant a church that will bring transformation to the community”. They know God’s word has the power to transform communities and lives. 

During this month when we celebrate the Birth of our Savior, our prayer is that God will continue to advance His Kingdom in power among the peoples of this world.

We are exhilarated as we look forward to all God will do through church planting in the nations in 2021!

Until the whole world knows Jesus!


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