DCPI Online Training (DOT) Equips Leaders in India

In the face of persecution from the Hindu government, DCPI’s India Ocean World Zone is exploding with a prolific revival. The government has cracked down on freedoms, evangelism, and outside financial support for Christians in India, yet God continues bringing people to himself in astounding numbers! 

Everything is bigger in India due to its size and population. Last year, DCPI’s India Ocean World Zone team trained over 42,000 leaders, even in the midst of persecution and the severe Covid outbreak that took place last summer.

These leaders are committed to evangelizing their entire country. So, they sent out 6,000 evangelizing pairs of leaders to 25,000 villages throughout the northern part of India. The goal was to proclaim the Gospel in an initiative called “No Village Left Behind”. As a result, 867,947 people accepted Christ in the past few months, and there are 11,000 new believers who want to attend DCPI House Church Training!

They are also committed to baptizing new believers. Every November, our DCPI team in India holds a “Sacred Bathing Event” or baptism, in which churches in 1,100 locations hold a baptism on the same day. Last November, 21,000 people were baptized in one week all throughout India! 

Our DCPI Indian Ocean World Zone team has found that our DCPI Online Training (DOT Academy) is becoming one of the most effective ways to train their new leaders.  In 2021, the worldwide number of DOT Academy training graduates increased 300% compared to all of the prior years combined. DOT Academy is designed for someone to be able to train independently, at their own pace, in their own location, safe from persecution and protected from COVID restrictions. 

But studying alone can be rough. So, the DCPI team introduced coached training. Basically, every person has the opportunity to go through our DCPI Online Training (DOT) with a mentor to hold them accountable, provide support, and encourage them through the process. This allows young Indian pastors to get mentored by a local DOT Academy mentor and a small group of others going through DOT Academy together. Thus, leaders going through DOT Academy stay on track, complete their training, and collaborate as they develop their ministry plans. 

One leader, we’ll call Ashuk, recently completed DCPI Online Training and began implementing it in Odisha (formerly Orissa), on the northwestern shore of the Bay of Bengal. As he has been working in this community, he has had the opportunity to share Christ with a number of people. One of these people was his own brother-in-law, who we will call Aanand. Aanand then introduced his own family to Christ, and has signed up to attend a House Church Planting Training led by Ashuk. He and several others are developing organized plans to start house churches through Ashuk’s training them with DCPI materials.

Ashuk and Aanand are the beginning of an organized and enthusiastic new Indian movement that has a vision of planting 1,000 more house churches throughout their state! 

Can you help leaders like Ashuk be trained and mentored by supporting DOT with prayer and finances? Can DOT and DOT Mentoring help you and your friends grow in your plans for Church Planting? Until the whole world knows Jesus.