Creative Media Associate

Creative Media Associate

Job Description

Responsible in creating audio/video/graphics with DCPI signature for electronic and hard prints intended for distribution. This position plays an active role in the development and maintenance of DCPI website. He/she will also maintain DCPI presence on various social media platforms and helpcreate and publish content that is relevant to our customer base.

He/she will also assist in maintaining DCPI archive of digital images, videos, and other content. He/she will learn how to reach communities, and promote events or programs through the internet and gain experience in social media platforms and the tools used to assess their performance.

Position Type:

  • Support Raising
  • Volunteer


Social Media

  • Aid in the maintenance of the official DCPI website
  • Update Facebook and Twitter accounts with current and relevantphotos, video, or other content from DCPI activities and events.
  •  Creates audio/video/graphics with DCPI signature for electronic and hard prints for distribution
  •  Maintains current information in Google+ and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Completes other social media projects as assigned.

Digital Media

  • Takes pictures and videos of training events to be developed into content for the DCPI website, Facebook and Twitter pages with proper ‘Release of Information’ and authority of subjects.
  • Uploads, organizes and archives DCPI photos and videos to the appropriate server or DCPI photo library.
  • Completes other digital media projects as assigned.

Printed Media

  • Maintain soft and hard copies of previously created and printed materials.
  • Create banners, posters, flyers and publications handouts for DCPI.


Creative self starter who is comfortable with both taking initiative and working in collaboration.

  • Detail oriented with strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Experience with Microsoft applications, basic video/photo editing, and internet browsers.
    Experience with Photoshop and InDesign and WordPress is a plus.
  • Familiarity and facility with mainstream social media platforms,including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Available to part/full time on pre-arranged schedule.


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