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The Lord’s Mighty Hand!

The Lord's Mighty Hand! Our group had moved through the streets and reached out to those along the way. One man had come out of his home after we passed by and stood in the street, so I turned back to him and greeted him.  The man replied to my greeting

Overwhelmed with Joy!

Overwhelmed with Joy! A woman approached me and asked for someone who spoke Spanish.  I was concerned because no translators were around.  Thankfully, I had our handy translation booklet that has a lot of phrases and prayers translated into Spanish.  By the grace of God, I was able to communicate the

God’s Love Saves!

God's Love Saves! During one of our street evangelism outings, we noticed a man dressed in chains and skulls.  His exterior was tough and he gave off an unapproachable vibe.  My heart prompted me to show him love so I went over to him and asked if I could hug him. His

Encouragement for a Weary Soul

Encouragement for a Weary Soul There was a man who was standing in his doorway at the bottom of a ravine who watched as our group passed.  A few of us approached him with a bag of food for his family.  Immediately the man began to pray for us, he was already

The joy of God in the hearts of a Haitian home!

The joy of God in the hearts of a Haitian home! Witnessing at a church plant in the community of Kilometer 1 we walked up to a house that had three doors and outside was standing three Haitian families who lived in one house together. When I walked up to the

Qualified by God to Pray for Salvation

Qualified by God to Pray for Salvation Our group began growing smaller and smaller. At one point, our guide, Carmen, told us to follow her to pray for a sick family member in a home.  We began walking toward what I thought was a single home. When we entered the clearing,

NexGen Challenge in Mexico

NexGen Challenge in Mexico The NexGen Challenge just began in Mexicali, Mexico. The event is taking place in Vastago Ministerios Church with the presence of more than 150 young leaders of the region. They are being challenged to be involved and embrace church planting around the world and to impact the next

5 Million Churches

Paul Becker, President and Founder of Dynamic Church Planting International, shares the 5 Million Church Vision.

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