Missionary Momentum

Chris McKinney

Exponential Growth The dictionary defines “exponential” growth as growth that is “becoming more and more rapid.” This is what is happening with the number of Christian leaders who are getting Dynamic Church Planting International’s training: That number is not just growing, but it is growing more and more rapidly. During the seven-year

Brandon Becker

At the start of every year, I like to take an inventory of God’s blessings to maintain a God-honoring attitude and perspective. First and foremost, Jesus is our greatest blessing! I shudder to think where we would be without Him. It’s important to end one year, and begin the next with giving

Aaron Wolfe

It has been a year of great milestones for the translations department at DCPI. Two days ago, DCPI received their thirtieth completed translation of the year. This marks the first time in DCPI’s history to reach such a milestone. What makes this specific translation even more awesome is that it is in

Jessica Carter

Hello Friends and Family! I hope this newsletter finds you well. A lot has changed since the last newsletter. Online Training (OLT) is Live and leaders around the globe are now taking out training. So far, we have had 5 people complete the course. We are absolutely thrilled with the turnout. We