Dynamic Update

Dynamic Update – Chad

Where Is DCPI?  Chad, known as the "Babel Tower of the World," has seen long-lasting conflict between Muslims and Christians.There is extreme cultural diversity, with over 200 ethnic groups and a reported 133 languages spoken in this country. Who Is DCPI? Church planting happening in every country of the world! Can you

Dynamic Update – Syria

A Tale of Two Cities Take a moment and look at the two photos at the top of this post. Both display the perspective of looking down a neighborhood street, but they are far from similar in every other way.  The photo to the right is one taken on a main

Dynamic Update – Ireland

Running to the Front Line! When you are 14 years old in the throws of heroin and alcohol addiction with no hope for yourself, pouring into the lives of others is the furthest thing from your mind. But what a difference a life transformed by Jesus can make! This is the

Dynamic Update – Mali

A Transplant of Seedlings Abandon Jesus or be abandoned by your husband? Fatoumata receives threats from her husband on a regular basis for attending a Christ centered church. It’s a price she’s willing to pay for her relationship with Jesus. Her husband is a renowned Muslim in the community and is

Dynamic Update – Papua New Guinea

Disciples of All Nations Every country by 2020! One piece of the great goal for the DCPI global team is to have every country across the world opened up for church planting training by the end of 2020. Currently there are 131 countries that have been exposed to DCPI’s church planting

Dynamic Update – China

Plums for Peace Have you ever stopped to consider what a godless world would truly look like?  The threat of that reality is real in China where as of last year the Bible can no longer be accessed online and news continues to circulate of house church shutdowns across the nation.

United States of America

A Launch of Independence “Land of the free and the home of the brave”- Star Spangled Banner  As another Independence Day approaches, it has me considering what freedom really means for a nation. For centuries, the United States has maintained the blessing of religious freedom. But in the world of church


Oasis in the Desert When you think of planting churches in the Islamic world, what comes to your mind? Maybe, like me, you have thought, “How on earth?” or, “Good luck!” or, “Ultimate challenge!” Whichever phrase you choose, the task seems daunting, for sure. This particular region of influence at DCPI


From Prison to Purpose in Malawi Jesus behind bars. It's not the picture that typically comes to mind when envisioning the King of Kings. But that's exactly where Christ is revealing Himself within the country of Malawi, often referred as the “Warm Heart of Africa".   In the same way revival


I approached Pastor Charles, a long-term missionary in Cambodia, to consider partnering with DCPI and utilizing our training materials. It came as no surprise that his initial retort to my request to partner with us was the question...