Director of Tracks and Publications

Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) is looking for a full-time, high-capacity volunteer or support-raised Director of Tracks and Publications to assess the needs of church planters around the world and work to develop training content – online, webinar, and in-person – and books to equip these leaders for the ministry to which God has called them.

About DCPI

DCPI is a non-profit (501c3) organization based in Oceanside, California, with partners and staff working throughout the world. We train Christian leaders on every inhabited continent of the world to plant churches in their communities, in their languages. Because we primarily focus on supporting national leaders, we have seen God bring His Church to communities we could never reach in languages we could never speak. He has given us a vision to plant FIVE MILLION churches worldwide. We currently have trained over 400,000 leaders, who have planted over 1.3 million churches worldwide! We are growing and invite you to be a part of this God-sized adventure!

What it’s like to work at DCPI

Our team is made up of adventurous, fully-devoted disciples of Christ, who love starting new things, meeting new people, engaging cultures, and helping global leaders plant dynamic churches throughout the world! We are adaptable, persistent, generally autonomous individuals, who work together in unity. We come from a variety of Christian denominations, and we support the planting of churches that believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We respect fresh ideas, and we love providing coaching and growth opportunities for those who are ready for more! We are fun and playful, and we’re passionate about reaching the world! We would love to make a place for you within our team!


  • Facilitate the creation of future tracks of training for DCPI, such as multi-site church planting, online church planting, etc.
  • Develop content or adjust content specifically for digital delivery such as DOT & Webinar utilizing educational technology engagement metrics.
  • Regularly review and revise current church planting tracks of training, such as church planting movements .
  • Manage content revision of DCPI tracks of training, books, profiles, etc. to keep them relevant to church planters around the world.
  • Collaborate with the Training Department, World Zones, and DOT team to assess the effectiveness of current training materials.
  • Collaborate with World Zone Leaders to assess needs of trainees worldwide.
  • Supervise staff and volunteers who may assist with development of training tracks, books, or profiles.
  • Coordinate the launch of new training tracks with the DCPI team.
  • Coordinate the publication of new books or profiles with the Materials and Translations Department.
  • Write or manage the writing of new books, profiles, etc.


  • Futuristic thinking
  • Familiarity with the needs of church planters and church planting trends
  • Collaborate with international teams to review and revise curriculum
  • Course development/lesson planning, Online curriculum development
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Experience with church planting 
  • Cross cultural communication and international experience 
  • Ability to use or learn a variety of digital platforms


  • Content of written and recorded DCPI training tracks
  • New & revised tracks of DCPI training
  • New and revised books
  • New and revised profiles


  • Work with DOT team to develop and adapt content (resources and scripts) for our learning management system.
  • Lead  DCPI Materials & Translations Department to create training content for design, translation, and cataloging. 
  • Manage and collaborate with  other content creators or task forces that are writing training tracks, books, profiles, etc.
  • Work with international staff to facilitate audio video productions of training tracks.
  • Work with staff and volunteers to review and edit new content.
  • Work with Communications team to spread the word about new training tracks to our leaders worldwide.
  • Work with publishers to publish DCPI books.


  1. Revision of current training materials and tracks
  2. Recommend to the Executive Team new tracks of training for their approval
  3. Create course content for new tracks of training
  4. Recruit church planting specialists to author or co-author new tracks of training
  5. Recruit staff and volunteers to assist with transcribing, reviewing, and editing new content


  • Reports directly to VP of Global Training


This position is located in Oceanside, California or remote.


This position is full-time, high-capacity volunteer or someone who has already support raised.


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