Director of Research

Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) is looking for a full-time, high-capacity volunteer or support-raised Director of Research. The Director of Research gathers, analyzes, and presents information that allows Dynamic Church Planting International to achieve its mission, raise necessary resources, and give glory to God most effectively. This person works to shape DCPI into a ministry where decisions come from a holy combination of prayer and data. This person develops and leads a diverse, international research team and works closely with the Advancement, Partnership, Product Development, and Brand & Marketing Teams. This person reports directly to the VP of Systems but receives project proposals from and presents information to the DCPI President, Executive Team, and Board. Above all, this person monitors and supports progress toward the Five Million Church Vision with excellence and integrity. 

About DCPI:
DCPI is a non-profit (501c3) organization based in Oceanside, California, with partners and staff working throughout the world. We train Christian leaders on every inhabited continent of the world to plant churches in their communities, in their languages. Because we primarily focus on supporting national leaders, we have seen God bring His Church to communities we could never reach in languages we could never speak. He has given us a vision to plant FIVE MILLION churches worldwide. We currently have trained over 400,000 leaders, who have planted over 1.3 million churches worldwide! We are growing and invite you to be a part of this God-sized adventure!

What it’s like to work at DCPI:
Our team is made up of adventurous, fully-devoted disciples of Christ, who love starting new things, meeting new people, engaging cultures, and helping global leaders plant dynamic churches throughout the world! We are adaptable, persistent, generally autonomous individuals, who work together in unity. We come from a variety of Christian denominations, and we support the planting of churches that believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We respect fresh ideas, and we love providing coaching and growth opportunities for those who are ready for more! We are fun and playful, and we’re passionate about reaching the world! We would love to make a place for you within our team!

Director of Research Responsibilities:

  •  Monitor progress toward the Five Million Church Vision. 
    • Develop and implement research plans to gather information on the numbers of churches DCPI has impacted the planting of, over the course of its history. 
    • Develop and implement research plans to gather information on the numbers of churches DCPI is likely to impact the planting of, from the present into the future. 
    • Refine and upgrade research methods and expand the amount of data collected, to ensure accuracy, integrity, and credibility. 
    • Prepare and publish reports on this topic for the President, the Executive Team, the Board, and other stakeholders. 
  • Conduct and publish other research to support DCPI’s mission, fundraising, and recruitment. 
  • Work with the WZLs and other leaders toward the goal of a qualified, competent Zone Director of Research in each WZ. Work with these Zone Directors, WZLs, and other DCPI leaders toward an excellent, effective, ongoing global research operation. 
  • Recruit, develop and lead a team of volunteers to help with appropriate research tasks such as data entry, compilation, translation, or data visualization. 
  • Provide accurate, up-to-date information about the scope and impact of DCPI’s ministry to the Advancement, Partnership, Product Development, Communications, and Prayer Teams [are these the right teams to mention here?]
  • Monitor DCPI communications for accuracy of reporting to stakeholders.   
  • Build and maintain well-organized databases, files, and archives to retain DCPI data and information, and to ensure it is accessible into the future.  
  • Map out and help implement a ministry-wide research, assessment, and evaluation system, that brings the power of good data into all aspects of DCPI’s work. 
  • Work with the research and reporting functions of GACX and other networks DCPI might affiliate with, both to share DCPI data as appropriate, and to work with others toward excellence, accuracy, and integrity in Evangelical mission research globally. 
  • Continually grow in research knowledge and skills. Keep current in the field. Participate in forums such as the Lausanne International Researcher’s Network, CMIW (Community of Mission Information Workers), and KSKI (Knowledge Stewardship for Kingdom Impact). 
  • Contribute to the broader mission research conversation by publishing reviews or articles in mission journals or publications. 
  • Prepare and review monthly, quarterly, and yearly budgets, and allocate resources appropriately. 


Essential Skills:

  • Writing, with competence both for impactful communication at the grassroots level, and with competence for publication at the level of major mission journals. 
  • Research. 
    • Ability to collect background information and assess a field of inquiry. 
    • Ability to plan a research project, including effective and insightful communication with research subjects, project stakeholders, and report audiences. 
    • Survey design and implementation. 
    • Ability to train and supervise field researchers. 
    • Data organization, compilation, and insightful analysis. 
    • Ability to compile and write reports of professional quality. 
  • Team leadership. 
  • Cross-cultural communication. 
  • Time and budget management. 



  • Bachelor’s degree in a field that developed skills in research, thinking, and writing. 
  • Preferable: Master’s degree in a field that developed skills in research, such as sociology, marketing, or statistics.
  • Preferable: extensive experience in research design, implementation, and publication. 
  • DCPI recognizes there are few potential candidates with experience in nonprofit or mission research, so accepts that this is a growth position, and is prepared to provide professional coaching. 


Day-to-Day Duties

  • Interact with the DCPI President, Executive Team, WZLs, and other leaders to determine specific research projects, methods, and goals.
  • Work with DCPI leaders and research-team members to implement research plans and conduct research. 
  • Bring projects to completion and publication. 
  • Present research findings to DCPI leaders and stakeholders. 
  • Provide periodic statistical reports on the status of DCPI’s global progress and impact. 



This leader reports to the VP of Systems.


This position is support-raised or volunteer.


Oceanside, CA or remote


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