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Is God calling YOU to plant a church?

If God is calling you to plant a church, the first thing to do is to learn how to plant a church from people who have planted churches before you. At DCPI, all of our trainers have planted at least one church, and we are ready to equip you with our time-tested trainings to become confident, passionate, and ready, as you follow God on your church planting journey.


Wherever you are, we’re there, too.

North America

United States, Canada, Caribbean…

Latin America

Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Brazil…


England, Germany, Romania, Italy…

Africa – West

Burkina Faso, Senegal, Cameroon, Mali, Ghana…

Africa – East and South

Mozambique, South Africa, Kenya…

NAMES – North Africa, Middle East, and Stans

Pakistan, Morocco, Jordan…

Asia – China

Hong Kong, China, Mongolia…

Asia – North Pacific

South Korea, Japan…

Asia – Indian Ocean

India, Bangladesh, Bhutan…

Asia – South Pacific

Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vanuatu…

Asia – South East

Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia…

What DCPI trainees are saying…

“The best part was the practicality of the training. Especially the four phases of planting a church. I already had the passion but not the ‘know-how.'”

Thomas L.
Church Planter, Mozambique

“For us [this training] is not an end but… the beginning of a process of bringing to birth thousands of dynamic, healthy, self-multiplying churches throughout the nation of Mozambique. We use this forum to express our deep appreciation to all who prayed, gave, and served to see these trainings accomplished. God bless you.”

church planting and teaching the Bible
Pastor Ademola
Church Planter, Mozambique

“DCPI’s program is the most cross-cultural and comprehensive approach I’ve found.”

Chris M.
DCPI V.P. of Operations/Former Church Planter, Philippines

“Church Planting Essentials is a powerful tool for principle-centered church planting–refreshing and dynamic!”

church planting movement leaders
Mike R.
Church Planter

“I came into the Church Planting Essentials Training thinking I was just learning about DCPI, and left with ideas for a micro-church that God just might be leading me to launch. This training encouraged and challenged me, and has spurred me on to love and good deeds.”

Philip. D
Church Planter, USA

Why DCPI Training?

When you get trained by DCPI leaders, you will…

  • know the steps to take as you organize for your church’s launch.
  • recruit the right people onto your team.
  • remove any stress about the process of starting a church.
  • know that the foundation of your church is structured in a healthy way.
  • recognize any landmines that might come and plan for them.
  • prayerfully plant a God-honoring, dynamic church in your community.

Leaders on every inhabited continent have been trained by DCPI to plant over one million churches! 

How can DCPI help you realize your God-given vision?

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What Christian leaders are saying…

“We found in DCPI, training that is simple, practical and reproducible to help us certify 6 trainers to  train over 60 church planters in just over 2 years. We are so grateful for this resource and to be a part of this larger vision to plant 5,000,000 churches.”

Erick Ewaskowitz
Director of Coaching and Training for Mission Igniter, an incubator program for Free Methodist

“DCPI has captured the absolute urgency of planting churches and has a powerful, proven strategy. They focus on the mobilization of nationals, by far the best of all methods. I’ve seen the results and heartily endorse the work of DCPI.”

Paul Eshelman
Founder of the Jesus Film Project and lifetime DCPI Board Member

“Since we started using Dynamic Church Planting International’s System in 2010, we have doubled the number of churches planted in North America each year compared to the prior 50 years.”

dynamic church planting church of nazarene
Mark Bane
Director, Evangelism and New Church Development USA/Canada Region, Church of the Nazarene


Start with the essentials. We offer eight trainings designed to equip church planters around the world to fulfill their callings. We recommend starting with our foundational training, Church Planting Essentials.

In Church Planting Essentials, you’ll learn and apply the 12 Biblical Principles of Church Planting, as you develop your own Vision, Plan, and Timeline (VPT) and outline how your church will take shape. In this interactive and comprehensive training you will learn to plan prayerfully, discern and pursue your vision effectively, and avoid planting “landmines.”

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our trainings are sponsored by donors, so they are FREE for everyone God is calling to participate in a church team or church planting team!

Most of our in-person and webinar trainings are 3 back-to-back days. To get certified to train other people takes an additional 2 days. Our online training can be completed on your own timeline. Most people are able to complete it in 30 days. 

We offer in-person training in each of our World Zones. If you are looking for a training in your part of the world, we probably have it! Did you know that DCPI is present in every country but 22, and we are actively working on moving into every country of the world! We also offer online training with a DCPI Coach at 

Any Christian who may serve in a church or on a church planting team is invited to participate. There are no set academic, demographic, or role requirements to participate in DCPI training. 

If you have questions about our beliefs, please read our Statement of Faith.

You can start as soon as possible with our online DCPI Academy.  Our leaders will assign you to a DCPI coach, and your coach will lead your cohort through the training. Trainings start all the time, so you can start as soon as possible! Or, you can sign up for one of our in-person or webinar trainings. Sign up for an in-person, webinar, or DCPI Academy training here.

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