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5 Million Churches

Paul Becker, President and Founder of Dynamic Church Planting International, shares the 5 Million Church Vision.

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Global Church Planting Sunday

Global Church Planting Sunday The Need Did you know there are hundreds of millions of people who do not have a Christian church within reasonable traveling distance of their homes? There are thousands of unreached people groups who do not have a Bible or a single local church. Since 1970, the

The Greatest Gift!

A few of us were out doing some shopping in the market and one of the vendors called us to look at her souvenirs. She really wanted us to buy things from her stand, so she gave some of us a free bracelet. I knew that the Lord had given me the opportunity to give her

Transforming our Hearts

Consolación Para Un Corazón Afligido Y Compromiso Con Dios En el “Centro Evangelístico Fuente de Vida” cuyo pastor es el hermano Julio Capellán, se llevó a cabo el culto dominical en donde la presencia del Espíritu Santo se movió de manera especial a través de la ministración de la Palabra de Dios a cargo del

DR MISSION TRIP: A New Life in Christ

Fuente de Vida’s Church was planted 18 years ago by Pastor Julio Capellan and his family. Since the time Pastor Capellan planted this church, he prayed for their neighbor’s salvation. While a team of 21 missionaries from our group were painting children's faces, giving out balloons and singing worship songs, a lady ran towards the