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The 12 Biblical Principles of Church Planting
Featuring #6 The Mission Principle
The central work of the new church will always be to help people put their trust in Christ and grow into maturity as His followers 

The Mission Principle is central, as it embodies the purpose and goal of church planting. To date, by the grace of God, the fruit of DCPI training is projected to be over 9 million people who have put their trust in Christ, all over the world!

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Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.                                                     - Ephesians 5:18

Do you feel that ministry is too demanding – that you need help? You are right, you do need help. And the most important help you need is God’s Holy Spirit filling you every day, empowering you for ministry. Without Him, you are handicapped. Yet in many church traditions the Holy Spirit hardly receives mention. In the church where I grew up, due to controversies over spiritual gifts, He was...

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Planting a church is the way to transform a society. If you want to have the greatest impact on AIDS plant churches. If you want to make the most and best disciples, plant churches.
 --Dr. Michael Knight , Covenant Community Church and DCPI Master Trainer

Nearly half the world’s population does not have access to a dynamic church. A primary factor in the shortage is the lack of trained leaders who are equipped to establish new churches and disciple new believers. There is a church planting ‘training famine’ in many nations. Hundreds of thousands of leaders have been called by God to plant churches but they don’t know how.

Together we can bring lasting hope by equipping indigenous leaders to plant dynamic churches in places we can never go. For just a dollar a day, you can help train leaders to launch four churches a year and reach an estimated 185 people for Christ!

GIVE NOW to help Dynamic Church Planting International equip leaders to plant five million dynamic churches to reach the world for Christ.

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  "Equipping leaders to plant one million dynamic churches to reach the world for Christ."


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