Standing in the Gap #2

…but the church was earnestly praying to God for him. ~ Acts 12:5b

READING: Acts 12:1-17

The best time to put a prayer team in place is before we need it. But how can we find reliable prayer warriors who know how to pray effectively for our church planting project?

Every circumstance is different. Sometimes our mother church or sending agency already has a well-established and well-seasoned team of intercessors.

With a little wise networking we may be able to “hop aboard” and be blessed by what they’re already doing.

Likewise, relatives and family friends may be reliable prayer partners because of their long-term commitment to our success and wellbeing.

Financial supporters may be another good source of prayer supporters. Since they’ve already demonstrated their commitment to the project, it’s a simple matter to encourage them to pray as well.

And in this day and age of internet access, many church planters can also build a large “virtual community.” This could be an ongoing project, adding more to our mailing list as we go along.

Years ago, when the church growth movement was starting up, they found that about 5% of the adults in a typical church was likely to have a recognized gift of intercession (regardless of denomination or country) – and about 80% of those recognized intercessors were women.

If that’s true, we might do well to consider gathering a “Grandma Brigade” of gifted intercessors since many of these women devote themselves to prayer after their children leave the nest.

At the very least, pay attention if a little old lady quietly volunteers the information that she is praying for you! Church planting draws intense spiritual attack.

A solid prayer shield of well-informed and effective intercessors is worth its weight in gold. We do well to make it a top priority.

Father, Help me find faithful prayer warriors who will stand in the gap. Amen.

Dionne Carpenter


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