Sending Willing Servants of All Ages to Ecuador

Sue, one of our high-capacity volunteers has become well-known at DCPI as an adventure seeker who loves Jesus and the next generation!

At the age of 80, Sue decided to embark on her very first mission trip!   She joined NexGen, our training program for young leaders headed to Panama.

This trip lit such a fire in her, she decided to partner with NexGen again in 2018.

On this second trip, in the town of San Antonio, Ecuador, Sue experienced poverty like she’d never seen before.

Children ran wild in the muddied gravel streets with no supervision while exchanges of drugs and prostitution were taking place. It was evident this place needed God!

Sue joined the team of 26 NexGen volunteers from 8 different countries.

They worked together to bring the gospel to this village while providing dentistry, pediatrician and hair care services alongside widely popular soccer and volleyball clinics for the kids.

When Sue returned home, she explained, “The clinics began with about 45 kids, growing each day as word spread through the town.

By the end there were 120 children awaiting the team’s arrival each afternoon to play and learn about Jesus!”

When asked why NexGen at 80 years old, Sue simply said, “Because I want to be an excuse eliminator. If there is one mark I want to leave on the next generation, it’s that nothing- whether age, race, gender, you name it- should stand in the way of what God wants to do through your life.

I just continue to say to the Lord, as long as You will, send me!”

Until the whole world knows Him,

Dr. Paul Becker
President and Founder


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