Why Do We Need DCPI?

A ‘good thing’ is good enough, right? Not around here!

I approached Pastor Charles, a long-term missionary in Cambodia, to consider partnering with DCPI and utilizing our training materials.

Charles and his team were already successful in planting over 200 congregations throughout the provinces of Cambodia.  Not only that, but Charles had also authored multiple books and bible lessons.

It came as no surprise that his initial retort to my request to partner with us was the question, “Why DCPI training materials?”

Apparently he was curious enough, and despite being reluctant and uncertain of what DCPI’s training materials could offer, this accomplished leader agreed to take a look.

One look started the ball rolling and Charles is now actively partnering with DCPI as a Master Trainer.

What brought Charles to this point?  He was pleased to discover the materials to be clear and systematic, making them useful in the purpose of training up leaders.

He also found the principles non-denominational proving them useful not only in Cambodia, but all over the world to plant churches.

In fact, he was so impressed by the training materials that he decided to create a video sharing his experience in partnering with our team in Cambodia.

On social media channels he shares, “I am 100% sold on Paul Becker and his team! Join the 5 Million Church Vision!”

We are blessed to have partners like Charles making good things better by utilizing DCPI materials through the provinces of Cambodia for an eternal impact in the Kingdom of God.

Until the whole world knows Him,

Dr. Paul Becker
President and Founder


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